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Geelong Eastern Cemetery, For Burials Between 1839 – 1907

Church Of England, Methodist And Presbyterian

  • Records for burials prior to 1877 were maintained by each denomination.
  • Some Church Burial Registers exist for all years, some do not.
  • Burial Register usually gave name of deceased, age, address & occupation.
  • Burial Registers did not give an exact grave location.
  • All headstones in these older areas plus some unmarked graves (taken from early plans) have been numbered and it is possible to give an exact grave location.
  • Surname spellings have followed the headstone transcription of the name written in the Church Burial Register. Please check all possible spelling variations for members not listed on headstones.
  • Many different sources have been used to compile as many early burials as possible. Without headstones it can only be ASSUMED that the burial has taken place in this cemetery. Researchers will need to verify from other sources.
  • Some old plans only gave a surname. Not so common names for burials have been allocated these graves with the understanding that they are presumed buried in this grave.  For graves with more common surnames, it is impossible to nominate any particular burial location.
  • Other family members (perhaps with different surnames) may also be buried in the grave and not recorded on the headstone. (Many childrens’ burials are not recorded on a headstone).
  • There may be many burials for which we will never find a reference for i.e. prior to 1853 there was no compulsion to register deaths and in many instances where a minister or priest was not present, deaths went unrecorded.

Roman Catholic & Jewish Burials Between 1839 -1907

  • No burial registers exist so details of these burials have been gleaned from various sources:
    • Headstone transcriptions.
    • Geelong Advertiser death notices.
    • Geelong Hospital Death Book.
    • St.Mary’s Geelong: it’s founding community, Dr. Beth Blackall.
    • Inquest & Probate Indexes.

Missing Burial Information

It is possible that many burials have occurred in these sections which have not yet been traced. If researchers have death certificates stating such, please forward this information to so these burials can be added to our database.

Some of the early burials for Grovedale, Drysdale and Portarlington Cemeteries are also missing. Any details will be gratefully accepted.