Geelong Eastern Cemetery

141 Ormond Road, East Geelong

The first recorded burial was that of Hugh Niven on the 23rd September 1839.

Sections of the cemetery were originally administered by the main denominational churches, each with their own Sexton and gravediggers. In 1877, a General Trust was formed and in 1907 the Roman Catholic and Jewish sections also joined.

Many of the town’s original pioneers who settled the Western District are buried at the cemetery – Thomson, Chirnside, Armytage, Austin, Ormond, Fyans, Harrison – to name but a few.

As Geelong’s port attracted many during the gold rushes, immigrants from all parts of the world arrived and headstones reflect the various countries from which they had sailed.

The Eastern Cemetery (along with the Mt. Moriac cemetery) were the only ones to have consecrated ground for Catholic burials and therefore most Catholic burials, even from the outlying areas of Geelong, were performed at these cemeteries.

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