Leopold (Kensington) Cemetery

Kensington Road, Leopold

The township of Kensington (now Leopold) was first established from the subdivision of 1852. A school was established in 1853-54. On the 15th August 1859, a meeting was held in the schoolroom to elect a committee to administer the new cemetery.

Mr. Daniel Beaumont was appointed gravedigger and the cemetery land in Kensington Road was fenced by Mr. Charles Sparks. The first recorded burials was that of John Franks on the 30th July 1860.

In 1889 the trustees had to appoint a new gravedigger as the present one was unable to attend to his job as he had been gaoled for cattle stealing.

On the 31st January 1893, application was made to the government to have the name changed to Leopold.

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