What To Do When Someone Dies

At this very difficult time, we understand your need for clear information about the steps to take following the death of a loved one.

Determining prior arrangements

A good place to start is to look for important documentation, which may offer information on your loved ones wishes, such as their preference between burial and cremation, and any positions or prepayments they have organised.

If you are unsure of your loved ones wishes, speaking to family and friends may help. Your chosen Funeral Director can also confirm with Geelong Cemeteries Trust if prior arrangements had been organised.

Choosing a Funeral Director

A Funeral Director will carry out services in relation to the care and preparation of a body prior to burial or cremation. They are also able to assist with arranging and conducting memorial and thanksgiving services.

A Funeral Director will make all of the arrangements on your behalf, under your direction, to ensure the service is tailored to your specific needs. This includes coordinating with Geelong Cemeteries Trust to make a booking for a burial or cremation, organising a grave or memorial position selection if prior arrangements had not been made, preparation and lodging of all legal documentation required for the burial/cremation and for Births, Deaths and Marriages.

A Funeral Director will also assist you with the selection of a coffin/casket or shroud and arrange transportation from the place of death to a mortuary and finally to the cemetery or crematorium.

You can find a list of Funeral Directors here

If you do not wish to elect a Funeral Director, it is the responsibility of the family to take the role of the Funeral Director and make the above listed arrangements.

Choosing a location and memorial

If you are unsure of your loved one’s preferences, you can browse the locations we care for and the burial and memorial options we offer.

A memorial serves as a permanent marker of a life lived, a place to visit and reflect, and offers an important connection between the past and present.

Graves and memorial positions are selected during an appointment with a member of our client services team. Your chosen Funeral Director can assist with coordinating this selection appointment.

Taking care of yourself

Considering grief support can greatly benefit you, whether you are planning ahead, organising at the time of need, or have lost a loved one at any time in the past.

Funeral Directors may be able to offer support services.

For more, specific information about what to do and who to tell when a loved one dies, click here

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