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monument area graves

Monumental Graves

Monumental graves allow for a monument covering the entire grave. The monument and associated foundations are not included in the cost of the grave, therefore families need to arrange such construction directly with a Monumental Mason.

Click here for a list of Monumental Masons in the region.

Concrete-Lined Monumental Graves

Concrete-lined graves are pre-constructed with reinforced concrete lining and concrete foundations, allowing for two interments. After each interment that section is filled with sand and sealed with concrete. The cost of the grave includes the underground sub-structure, foundations and concrete for each interment.  Sand for each interment is an additional fee.

Please Note: There are many areas in Trust Cemeteries where monumental work is permitted. As monuments are expected to retain their structural integrity, restrictions apply to the materials and type of construction that may be used. Prior to construction commencing, a design plan and permit must be submitted to the Trust for approval. The holder of the Right of Interment is responsible for the maintenance of the monument.

A lawn, monument and concrete-lined grave will cater for up to 3 burials (where permitted) and up to 4 sets of cremated remains.