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book of remembrance

An Inscription In The Book Of Remembrance, Available As An Alternative Or In Addition To Your Choice Of One Of The More Traditional Memorials, Is A Very Personal Tribute To Your Loved One.

Each memorial entry is hand-inscribed by a skilled artist in the style of illuminated medieval manuscripts. The Book is of the finest parchment and leather and is mounted in its own cabinet. It is available for inspection at the Geelong Memorial Park Chapel.

The Book will be kept by the Trust as a perpetual memorial, regardless of the length of Tenure of other memorials. An inscription, of up to 5 lines maximum, usually includes the name of the deceased with dates of birth and death. A short sentiment may be included, along with a decoration such as a flower, emblem, badge or family crest. You may select any date for the entry, which need not be the date of death.

Entries are accepted in memory of persons buried or cremated at locations other than Geelong.

Your Personal Copy

If you wish, you may obtain a personal copy of the memorial inscription as it appears in the Book of Remembrance. The Remembrance Card is available with a blue and gold blocked cover. Inside is an extract copy of the original inscription.