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cremation memorials

Attractive Commemorative Areas Have Been Created Within The Grounds Of Trust Cemeteries, Where A Range Of Memorialisation Options Are Available.

An inscribed memorial plaque accompanies cremated remains set in rose garden, native shrub garden, wall niche or other individual feature, depending on the cemetery.

An inscription in the Book of Remembrance, located in the chapel at Geelong Memorial Park, is available as an alternative or in addition to one of the more traditional memorials.

A limited number of sets of cremated remains may be placed in a grave at a Trust cemetery, subject to the necessary authority first being provided by the Trust.

A family may choose to receive the cremated remains of a loved one, for private memorialisation or to be scattered. Should family requirements subsequently change, a memorial in a Trust cemetery may be arranged at any time in the future, with or without the cremated remains. Similarly all memorialisation options, including an entry in the Book of Remembrance, do remain available if the cremated remains have been scattered elsewhere.

Please Note: Tenure of a memorial position is for a term of 25 years or Perpetuity from the date each position is allocated by Geelong Cemeteries Trust. Arrangements may be made for renewal of tenure, or for the cremated remains to be subsequently collected or scattered within the cemetery grounds. Full documentation on limited tenure is provided at the time of arranging each memorial position.