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The tradition of above ground entombment in mausolea is centuries old and in Europe it has been a preferred choice for thousands of years. For decades, the Geelong Cemeteries Trust has catered for the needs of diverse cultural and religious groups. After extensive consultation with Geelong community groups and the strong response in support of above ground entombment, the Geelong Cemeteries Trust can now provide the community with the option of above ground entombment, at the Geelong Eastern Cemetery.

Everlasting Tribute

Each mausoleum offers 105 single crypts, with three walls being 5 levels high. Each crypt is purchased individually, though you have a choice of a double or single marble shutter position. Once you purchase and use a crypt it is yours forever, with no ongoing costs. The only additional fee required to be paid is the entombment fee and the cost of a bronze plaque and /or photo. Many families choose to pre-purchase mausoleum crypts ahead of need, to alleviate the burden for their loved ones.


The mausolea have been designed and constructed by an award winning architect with extensive experience in constructing mausoleums throughout Melbourne and Victoria. The mausolea are positioned in a tranquil and scenic location close to Boundary Road, with views overlooking Corio Bay, Geelong and the You Yangs. The mausolea are also surrounded by gardens and walkways, to offer families a quiet environment for reflection. The interiors are elegantly finished in the highest quality materials, including marble or granite crypt shutters, individual crypt vases and light fittings, bluestone paved floor, a timber/copper/glass entrance door, coloured glass ceiling feature, hardwood timber ceiling, and a copper shingle roof.