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A Funeral Is Considered The “Final Farewell” To A Loved One That Has Passed.

It is a very sad time in your life and can be very difficult to work through the necessary steps to create the final farewell that you feel your loved one would be proud of.

Let us offer you some information on the steps you can take to ensure you achieve this. It is of course a much less arduous process for all concerned if the deceased has made their own arrangements by Pre-Purchasing their resting place, however this is not always possible so where to from here.

It is best to begin with your loved ones wishes and the way to discover these is with a personal conversation with them now, to ask the important questions. Do you wish to be buriedcremated or entombed and if so which cemetery? How would you like to be remembered with a memorial service, a prayer ceremony or is there a certain action you would like to be undertaken for your final resting place? Once you have this significant information you can then hold onto it for the day whereby you may have to utilise it, alternatively after your discussion, you may feel that Pre-Purchasing your final resting place and setting this plan in motion is the best course of action.

If you are in the unfortunate position of losing a loved one you will be prepared with your information and ready to select a funeral director you feel will assist you in carrying out your loved ones final wishes. There are many funeral directors within the Geelong Region and our friendly staff can assist you by offering this information at your time of need. Ensure when selecting your funeral director to ask any questions you require answered and ensure they can offer you the right facilities to honour your loved one. [pdf_popup pdf_link=’’ title=’Click here’] for a list of local funeral directors.

To find out more information about burial, cremation and entombment please visit our FAQ section or contact the Geelong Cemeteries Trust.