An extensive range of products and services, with payment plans to ease financial burden.

Key cost considerations

There are many considerations to keep in mind when planning ahead. The cost of our services vary, depending on preferences.

The choice of cremation or burial. One option is not necessarily more or less expensive than the other. The selected memorial and any chosen celebration of life services will influence overall cost.
The choice of memorial position. We offer standard memorials, as well as premium memorials, which attract a higher cost.
Celebration of life. The Chapel, The Pavilion or Catering in The Function Room are wonderful ways to honour and celebrate life, available at an additional cost.
Flexible Payment Plans. Payments can be made in monthly instalments over a period of up to two years. No fees are charged to enter into a plan and prices are guaranteed throughout.

Cemetery Fees

Below are the cemetery fees for the services we provide. The cost of our services are regulated by the State Government and increase on the 1st of July each year.

Burial Pricing
Cremation Pricing
Cremation Memorial Pricing
Celebration of Life Pricing
Catering Pricing
Full Price List

Working in Collaboration

Funeral Directors

Funeral Directors that can support you in making funeral arrangements.

Monumental Stonemasons

Monumental Stonemasons that can support you in establishing a memorial.

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