Frequently Asked Questions

Planning Ahead

What can be pre-purchased?

Almost everything is available to be pre-purchased, including graves, burial fees, cremations, cremation memorials and chapel fees. Please contact our friendly client services team to discuss your options.

Does it cost more to pre-purchase?

No, it does not cost more to pre-purchase. In fact, pre-purchasing protects you from future price increases with the added benefit of ensuring your last wishes are fulfilled.

How will my family know if I have pre-payments?

Following a pre-payment, we recommend talking to your family about what you have organised and placing relevant forms with your other important documentation, e.g. your Will. At the time of need, this prepayment can be discussed with your chosen funeral director, who will liaise with our team.

Do you offer payment plans?

Geelong Cemeteries Trust offers Flexible Payment Plans, which may ease financial burden. You can find out more about Flexible Payment Plans here.

Why is it important to organise a memorial?

Many people find comfort in having a place to visit and reflect after the passing of a loved one, even if the loved one rests elsewhere. A memorial is a symbolic place shared with family, friends and future generations. Geelong Cemeteries Trust offers a range of memorial options within our locations. Contact our friendly client services team to discuss these options.

I don't know where to start. Can you help me?

Start by contacting our friendly team. We’re here to help and welcome any questions you may have.


How many people can be buried in a grave?

A grave usually accommodates two burials, with some accommodating three. A grave will also accommodate up to four sets of ashes.

Who erects the monument for a grave?

A Monumental Stonemason is responsible for erecting a monument for a grave. You can find a list of Monumental Stonemasons here. It is the responsibility of a family to organise a monument following burial.

Can I be buried with my family?

We always encourage planning ahead for loved ones to be positioned together in the future. With certain permissions, it may be possible to be laid to rest with family. Please contact our friendly client services team for advice on this process.

How do I find out where a service is being held?

You can find upcoming services here. Services booked in as private will not show in the list of upcoming services. In this case, it is best to contact the funeral director or family for information.

My loved ones' grave is sinking. What should I do?

As the ground settles following a burial, it is natural for a grave to sink. Unfortunately, this is unavoidable. Our grounds staff undergo routine maintenance, including the topping up and dressing of graves as they are identified. If you are concerned, please contact us.


Is more than one person cremated at the same time?

No. Only one person is cremated at a time.

Do I need a coffin/casket for cremation?

To meet the requirements of the Cemeteries and Crematorium Act, the deceased is required to be in a suitable receptacle. Coffins/caskets and some shrouds meet these requirements. Your chosen Funeral Director can assist in arranging this.

How long does cremation take?

This depends on multiple factors. On average, the cremation time is 90 minutes with the full process taking approximately 3 hours.

What happens to the ashes after cremation?

Following cremation, ashes are sealed in an urn with an identifying label. They are then collected by the chosen Funeral Director or transferred to our main office for safekeeping until the Authorising Person (the person who signed the paperwork for cremation) collects. This is a decision made with your chosen Funeral Director before the cremation takes place.

How do I collect ashes?

You can find our Guide to Collecting Ashes here.

Is cremation less expensive than burial?

One option is not necessarily more or less expensive than the other. The selected memorial and any chosen celebration of life services will influence overall cost.


How do I organise a plaque for my loved one?

Geelong Cemeteries Trust offers a wide range of memorial plaques. Plaque choices include granite, bronze and glass and can be personalised to include a range of options such as photographs and emblems. Memorial plaques can also be arranged through alternative suppliers. Please contact our friendly client services team to book an appointment to discuss your options.

Can I insure my memorial?

All Victorian Cemeteries are covered by the State Government’s VMIA insurance to cover damage to memorials. For further information, please contact our friendly team.

Can I undertake leisure activities in a cemetery?

Yes – cemeteries are public spaces and we encourage visitation to our locations. We ask that visitors are aware of their surroundings, and are respectful near funerals, our staff and other visitors.

Can I walk my dog in the cemetery?

Yes, we do ask that you be mindful of others, have your dog under immediate control at all times and clean up after your dog.

Who is responsible for maintaining the grounds and memorials?
Geelong Cemeteries Trust is responsible for maintaining the grounds in our locations. It is the responsibility of the Holder of Right of Interment to maintain the memorial.
What if my land shares a boundary with a cemetery?

Where the Cemetery Trust is the direct manager of the adjoining Crown land, it will not contribute to the cost of fencing. Cemetery Trust’s as managers of Crown land are excluded from the provisions of the Fences Act 1968 that requires property owners to share the cost of erection and maintenance of a common boundary fence.

What fence do I need on a shared boundary?

Any fencing sharing a boundary with Crown Land must be of sufficient standard for the intended use of the private land. For example, a stock proof fence would be required to retain any livestock within the private property boundary. 

How do I contact a cemetery not administered by GCT?

The Cemeteries Unit at the Department of Health and Human Services has a search tool to locate contact details of all Victorian Cemetery Trusts here.

Do I have to use a Funeral Director?

Although there is no law in Victoria to state that a Funeral Director is required to arrange a memorial service, most families elect to engage a Funeral Director to make this process much easier. A Funeral Director will make all of the arrangements on your behalf, under your direction, to ensure the service is tailored to your specific needs.

These arrangements include transportation, coffin or casket selection and the completion of legal paperwork. Funeral Directors will also liaise with Geelong Cemeteries Trust and can even recommend liaising with a celebrant or clergy to ensure the service runs smoothly and meets the expectations of family and friends.


How do I organise catering?

Use of The Function Room is typically organised through your chosen Funeral Director at the time of organising a celebration of life service.

Your chosen Funeral Director will liase will our team to secure the use of The Function Room, and following this, our friendly team will reach out to begin the process of organising catering.

You are also more than welcome to book The Function Room and Catering directly with our team.

How many people can I cater for?

The Function Room accommodates up to 120 guests. 

Do you cater for dietary requirements?

Our catering partners Lady & The Fox catering and events understand that dietary requirements play a big role in catering. They are more than happy to accommodate, and to personalise a menu to suit your requirements.

Can we prepare & bring our own food to the function?

Food and beverages in The Function Room are provided by our catering partners, Lady & The Fox catering and events. We do not allow visitors to bring their own for a service or event.

Can the menu be personalised?

Lady & the Fox catering and events can generally accommodate personalised menu requests. If you wish to personalise a menu, please mention this to our friendly team whilst organising catering.

How long will I have The Function Room for?

The Function Room will be available to you for either 1.5 hours or 2.5 hours, depending on your chosen menu.