Reports, plans and policies relating to our organisation made available here for our communities.

Annual Reports

The Annual Reports highlight Geelong Cemeteries Trust’s performance, activities and strategies. Specifically, these documents include key aspects such as financial performance, operational insights, environmental responsibility and expectations for the coming year(s).

Annual Report 2022-23
Annual Report 2021-22
Annual Report 2020-21
Annual Report 2019-20
Annual Report 2018-19
Annual Report 2017-18

Strategic Plans

The Strategic Plan guides the growth of Geelong Cemeteries Trust. Specifically, this document uses goal setting to inform a framework for decision making, which guides the allocation of resources to achieve success.

Strategic Plan 2021-22 to 2023-24

Procurement Activity Plan

The Procurement Activity Plan outlines the approach to acquiring goods, services and resources required to support the operations and goals of Geelong Cemeteries Trust.

Procurement Activity Plan 2023-24

Memorialisation Policy

The Memorialisation Policy provides guidelines to assist you in decorating your loved ones resting place, and assist us with our ongoing maintenance responsibilities to ensure that all families can visit and reflect in a safe, respectful and sustainable environment.

Memorialisation Guidelines

Gifts, Benefits & Hospitality Register

The Gifts, Benefits & Hospitality Register details the acceptance, offering, and disclosure of gifts, benefits, and hospitality by employees, stakeholders and other individuals.

Gifts, Benefits & Hospitality Register