Everlasting remembrance of a life well lived and a sense of place for those who visit.

Everlasting remembrance

A range of memorial options are available throughout our locations. These memorials serve as a permanent marker of a life lived, a place to visit and reflect, and offer an important connection between the past and present.

With an understanding that needs and preferences vary, our friendly client services team is here to guide you through the steps of choosing your perfect memorial.

Memorial Planning


Start the Conversation

Contact our friendly client services team, who will discuss your preferred location, memorial positions and interment options. From this, you will know your options.


Book an Appointment

Our friendly client services team will show you the available memorial positions in person, at your preferred location, and assist you in making a selection.


Complete Paperwork

After your selection, together we will complete the required paperwork and discuss your payment options.


Receive Confirmation

You will receive your prepaid Right of Interment certificate and receipt. Place these with your Will, and inform family members.

Memorial options

Refine by location:

Personalised Garden Memorials

A truly personalised family memorial that will span generations. Our variety of family gardens cater for both burial and ashes memorials. Families design these gardens with expert advice from our senior horticulturalists. Each Family Garden is unique and can include features such as a selection of plants, a feature tree, shrubs and ground covers, and may include a garden statue or birdbath. This memorial is completed with the family name prominently displayed on either a bench seat or feature boulder. With all perpetual (for all time) maintenance included, these gardens are exclusive to your family and future generations thereof.

Boulder Memorial

Positioned within our gardens, boulders create a focal point and give structure to our landscapes. Traditionally a companion memorial, our boulders allow for two memorial plaques centrally installed under the family name, with ashes interred at the foot of the boulder. Additional positions purchased at the same Boulder Memorial makes this a family memorial.

Memorial Bench Seat

Our Memorial Bench seats are of the highest quality and made to stand the test of time. The choice of rustic timber, formal cottage, granite or sandstone ensures your Memorial Bench Seat compliments your chosen location. Our experienced staff will guide you to select a location where family and friends are able to sit and reflect in a serene setting. This personalised memorial provides the option to inter ashes, place memorial plaques at the base, and have your family name displayed prominently on the seat.

Rose Memorial

Roses signify the circle of life. Our beautifully maintained rose beds are flooded with blooms of colour in the spring and summer, and filled with delicate daffodils in the winter. Rose Memorials are available as individual, companion and family positions; standard, bush and weeping roses are offered in a wide variety of colours and species. A Rose Memorial can be established with or without ashes interred at the base of the rose and commemorated with a memorial plaque of your design.

Native Garden Memorial

A variety of garden memorials are offered across our cemeteries, including native bushland settings, independent companion gardens, formal native memorials and water features. Often in natural settings, these gardens create space for quiet reflection.

Niche Wall

Set amongst our beautifully maintained gardens, our Niche Walls offer an elevated niche position to inter ashes, sealed with a memorial plaque. Our Niche Walls vary depending on the park or cemetery selected, from older style brick walls in our historic cemeteries to elegant granite walls in others. Single and companion niches offer a practical, affordable memorial. Memorial Walls are also available for families wishing to create an everlasting memorial without the presence of ashes. Placing a plaque on a Memorial Wall creates a legacy for future generations, commemorating any person regardless of their final resting place.

Book Of Remembrance

An inscription in the Book Of Remembrance is available as an alternative, or in addition to, your choice of a memorial. Each memorial entry is hand-inscribed by a skilled artist in the style of illuminated mediaeval manuscripts. The Book is of the finest parchment and leather and is mounted in its own cabinet. It is available for inspection in The Chapel at Geelong Memorial Park.

The Book will be kept by the Trust as a perpetual (for all time) memorial. The inscription is made up of a maximum of 5 lines, and typically includes the name of the deceased with dates of birth and death. A short sentiment may be included, along with a decoration such as a flower, emblem, badge or family crest. Families may obtain a personal copy of the memorial inscription as it appears in the Book of Remembrance.

Entries are accepted in memory of persons buried or cremated at locations other than Geelong.

Featured Areas

Geelong Eastern Cemetery Mausoleum Gardens

Positioned elegantly behind our three mausolea, these gardens feature three rows of roses, with a combination of native shrubs and boulder positions surrounding this, providing a natural aspect and structure to the landscape.

Providing options for memorialisation, these gardens are a quiet and peaceful space for reflection.

Barrabool Hills Cemetery Anderson Rose Garden

Nestled in a peaceful, charming corner of Barrabool Hills (Highton) Cemetery, this memorial features lines of roses that follow the border of a circular garden.

A symbol of the circle of life, our beautifully maintained rose beds flood with blooms of colour in the spring and summer. Rose Memorials are available as individual, companion and family positions and can be established with or without ashes.

Lorne Cemetery Forest Memorial Walk

The Forest Memorial Walk is set high on the northern border of the Lorne cemetery, offering a natural setting with ocean views.

Situated in native bushland, it is a calm and peaceful space.

The Forest Memorial Walk offers a unique and native bush setting for cremation memorials.

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