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Tenders at Geelong Cemeteries Trust

Geelong Cemeteries Trust works with industry partners, on a range of projects and developments, who share our values of integrity, respect, responsiveness, accountability, environment responsibility, leadership, and inclusivity.

Procurement Activity Plan

The Procurement Activity Plan is provided solely for informational purposes, and it should not be relied upon for any reason. All planned procurement are subject to change, at any time, at Geelong Cemeteries Trust’s discretion.

All published estimated market release dates are indicative only and are subject to endorsement of a suitable procurement strategy. This information does not represent a solicitation or an invitation to supply, or a commitment by Geelong Cemeteries Trust to purchase the described goods, services and/or construction.

Procurement Activity Plan 2023-24

Complaints Procedure

Geelong Cemeteries Trust is committed to providing fair consideration when appointing successful tenderers, contractors and suppliers, to ensure services provided by the Trust delivers quality outcomes for our community.

The Supplier Complaints Management Procedure is a process for managing supplier complaints during procurement in a consistent way across the organisation. The procedure is designed to provide an effective and efficient process for managing supplier complaints. It sets out who will be involved in the process, and their roles and responsibilities.

All procurement complaints will be initially directed to the Chief Purchasing Officer, who will acknowledge the complaint and provide an indicative timeline for when a response can be expected.

The procedure applies only to the acquisition stage of procurement activities. Any complaints about the management of a contract should be made in accordance with the relevant provisions of the particular contract.

Supplier Complaint Form

Available Tenders

There are currently no available tenders.