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Green Funerals

Did you know the Geelong Cemeteries Trust offer the option of Green Funerals?

All burials and cremations have an impact on the environment and choosing Green or Greener Funerals will reduce this impact. The Geelong Cemeteries Trust commissioned a study in 2019 to compare greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for cremations and burials, comparing the different activities attributable to burials and cremations.

We’ve listed a few ‘Did you knows?’ below to help you learn more!

Did you know? As burials in Victoria are in perpetuity, the maintenance requirement for a grave over the years and installation of a headstone (life cycle) contributes to higher emissions than cremation.

Did you know? The GHG life cycle emissions per cremation are 0.6 tonnes CO2-e and GHG life cycle emissions per burial are 1.3 tonnes CO2-e.Did you know? The Trust is actively reducing its environmental footprint, with Solar PV systems, purchasing green power, water-saving devices and many more initiatives.

Did you know? The Trust provides green burial areas at three cemeteries and will continue to revegetate these areas with indigenous plants to ensure the biodiversity remains.

Did you know? You can make any burial or cremation greener. There are certain coffins and materials you can use to reduce your impact on the environment.

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